Friday, September 10, 2010

what did ya say?

while doing acrobatics in bed....

moi: oh god! oh god!! oh god!!!

him: could you please stop saying that!

moi: er, i didn't know you were religious?

this reminded me of this girl character in a tv sitcom who said she shouted out saints' names whenever she Oed. hehehe.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

sige na.

iyo na cap ko.


Alterjon said...

i always try to avoid saying that.


red the mod said...

I'd rather he screamed my name.

karla said...


gib et tu me


i'll try not to be noisy next time. hehe


i'd rather he talk dirty to me. toinks!

VICTOR said...

Karla, there should be a next time now that he has been introduced to blasphemy. ;)

Nimmy said...

wahahaha. panalo!

ano pinalit mo sa 'oh god' lines mo?


karla said...

@victor..haha but that's with a small g ha. greek in particular. i've always had a thing for them. divinity in hard, literally chiseled, human form. =p

@nimmy..ay naku, he made me quiet by stuffing este stopping my blabber mouth. lol

Nimmy said...

ahahahah! stuffing????? hmmmm. that sounds interesting. LOL