Saturday, December 8, 2007

found one

no. not the boyfriend. the flat.

i paid last tuesday the downpayment for my new bacheleor's pad in causewaybay. hehehe. that was a fast one. it was only last weekend that we got our eviction notice. now, i have a new place to move into.

yipeeee!!!!! finally, i'm on my own. no more lonely nights in that far-away island with no gimmick places for moi.

i immediately liked the pad when i saw it because it was not only clean and partly furnished, it also had an excellent location. my new flat is just 5 mins away from the time's square mall in causeway. that's like living some five mins away from megamall or edsa shang.

and with our office transferring to wan chai in january, i guess i'd also be able to walk home 
after work. hehehe. para makatipid na rin.

the place just lacks a fridge and a washing machine but there are lots of laundry shops around and ikea is nearby if i want to buy some new furniture.

anyways, i'm kinda excited bout the nightlife in causeway. my officemates say it's one of the places in hong kong that stay up late into the night. hmmmm. so this choice might eventually lead me to find the boyfriend after all....weheheheheh

Saturday, December 1, 2007


we just got our evicton notice from the landlord this afternoon. he's selling the flat when the lease ends come february. hay. i wish he wouldn't. this flat has grown in on me. it's small and cozy and well, it's near the beach. it's just a 20-minute walk.

after getting the notice, we did some checking on the other available flats in lamma (which btw is an island that's about 30 minutes away by ferry from hk). we found one that's nearer to the beach. about 10 minutes or so but it's farther from the pier. bout 20 to 30 mins.

the place was fully furnished. i liked the ambience. it had two big rooms and the view outside was good. bukid and not the urban jungle variety. the price tag was hk$6,500 but the 
landlord agreed to lease it for $6,000 a month.
so, just 6 hours after seeing the notice, i  thought i had a new place to crash into by dec. 15.

unfortunately, my flatmate changed her mind when she checked it out earlier this evening. 
apparently, the street leading to it wasn't well lighted and she 
balked at the thought of walking home late at night in that place. so now, 
we'll have to wait for some nice flat to be available  in the market.

but i'm thinking of going on my own. of finding a bachelor's pad in hk island. the price range there is hk3,000 to hk3,500. and 
that's already furnished. hmmm.