Monday, February 28, 2011

happy place

muntikan na akong tumambling at magpirouette sa saya nang makita ang tindahang ito sa nathan road. at japanese pa raw itetch so i therefore conclude bacolod: maingay!!nyahahahaha!!! =D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


hotel - check

itinerary - check

the s.o. - sigh....wer u n?

one of the things i really like doing in airport lounges while waiting for my flight is to glimpse at gay couples who are on vacay.

even if they try to tone it down and pretend that they're just two dudes on holiday, my gaydar usually doesn't fail and a few more minutes of observation usually gives the "aha!" confirmation.

and then i'd wonder how it would look like when it's my turn with me esposo. pano kaya siya magrereact when i drag out my pink travel bag across the hall, with the boa feathers dangling? hehe.

but i guess that'll have to wait. for tomorrow's trip will find me again gazing in pre-departure, looking at lovebirds already in flight.

belated hapi vday. =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

`are you a fully realized woman?'

a scene from y tu mama tambien:

“luisa went to the doctor to get the results of some tests. at the waiting room, she did a magazine quiz titled `are you a fully realized woman?’

answering by multiple choice, she chose `B’ for question #1: prefers being awake rather than sleeping or dreaming. for #4, `C’: values time more highly than money or power.’ for #7, `A’: thinks more about the present than the past or the future.’

she scored 16 points.

the magazine defined her as a woman who is afraid to accept her freedom.

luisa did not agree.” source:

that phrase “afraid to accept her freedom” piqued my interest when I first heard it in the film and it would sometimes pop up in my musings.

i mean, how could someone be like that? why would someone be afraid to accept his or her freedom?

but after plunging in this quasi-closeted journey, i began to realize that that phrase had a personal meaning for me. i just hope that someday, like luisa, i’ll have the conviction to disagree.