Monday, February 7, 2011

`are you a fully realized woman?'

a scene from y tu mama tambien:

“luisa went to the doctor to get the results of some tests. at the waiting room, she did a magazine quiz titled `are you a fully realized woman?’

answering by multiple choice, she chose `B’ for question #1: prefers being awake rather than sleeping or dreaming. for #4, `C’: values time more highly than money or power.’ for #7, `A’: thinks more about the present than the past or the future.’

she scored 16 points.

the magazine defined her as a woman who is afraid to accept her freedom.

luisa did not agree.” source:

that phrase “afraid to accept her freedom” piqued my interest when I first heard it in the film and it would sometimes pop up in my musings.

i mean, how could someone be like that? why would someone be afraid to accept his or her freedom?

but after plunging in this quasi-closeted journey, i began to realize that that phrase had a personal meaning for me. i just hope that someday, like luisa, i’ll have the conviction to disagree.


red the mod said...

Sadly it had to take a fatal disease like cancer for Luisa to let go of her aversion towards her own sexuality, and the freedom her youth could have afforded her a long time ago. She was stuck in a myopic programmed existence define by her husband, and the judgmental society she married into.

I loved Y Tu Mama Tambien. :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

naipasasatotoo ba talaga ang konsepto ng pagiging ganap?

karla said...

@red...but she did, at the end, rise up and reshaped that boxed reality fate had dealt her. and that i find really appealing. a true expression of one's freedom against the odds and quotidian existence.

kaya gustong-gusto ko tong film na to. it's like that old fave book that you have. each time you reread it, you find another meaning, another insight to the text. =D lalim mo bok. di ko marurok. hehe. it's like asking if perfection can be achieved....can i dial a friend? pasang awa lang kasi ko sa philo 1. =D