Saturday, March 21, 2009


"ba't di ka nagsama? this is the time to make major announcements."

the question thrown at me caught me off guard. i was with my college friends in trinoma. it had been been years since we last met and they all came with their partners. one couple even brought their baby along. I was the only single guy (gal) in the group.

"so, bat di mo ginaya si (a gay friend who brought his uber cute and sophisticated [did i say mataray?] bufra along)?"

i wanted to say the guy i wanted to introduce to them got married last month and i've never heard from him again.

"ah. wala e."

i wanted to tell them that another guy i was considering was in singapore, complaining about his wife back here in manila.

"uy, ano ito? mukhang masarap."

i wanted to tell them about this guy i want settle down with but he was too tired to come after having an early morning date with one of his security guards.

"ang sarap ng pochero ano?" i said wanting to change the topic.

"pochero anyone?"

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