Sunday, February 22, 2009

post mortem


I hated you for always making me wait 10 to 15 minutes whenever we met.

I hated you for never remembering any of my birthdays.

And i hated you even more for always being good at making excuses.

But then thank you. For the music. The yosi. The moments I wanted to smother you with love but couldn't.

You know I wouldn't have made it alive through high school if it weren't for you. Thank you for guiding me back...

The next time our paths cross, I'll break your neck.

Everlasting love,

P.S. pakisabi na lang kay misis na hindi ko sinasadyang matapakan ang gown niya. inirapan kasi ako.

hindi ko rin sinasadyang maging tuliro nang binibigkas ninyong dalawa ang mga walang hanggang pangako. magaling naman talaga akong humawak ng mike. ibang klase nga lang.....

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