Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a fitting end

i was on board a bus almost exactly two years ago, looking at ricefields passing me by after landing in hanoi, when i got a call and learned about the job opportunity here in hk.

with mom being sick then, i immediately took the offer even before we arrived at the hotel for that business trip.

so, i find it quite a coincidence that now, two years later, i find myself in the company of those same people on that bus, now that i'm leaving hong kong.  

if everything goes well, i'll be submitting my letter of resignation today.

the road has been long and hard but i find it fitting that i'm with those same bus people now that i'm starting a new journey, hopefully, back home.


Mugen said...

A full circle indeed.

karla said...

thanks mugen for visiting. and i forgot to thank you for the bed cds i bought from you years back. we still play them. hehehe. sweet memries.