Thursday, October 2, 2008

manila, manila.....

it's the waiting that's killing me. i'm so damn eager to bust this place and fly back to manila. if i could, right at this moment.

but alas, the stars have conspired against my wish, or to be more specific, my former employer's hr department. my former bosses have already given the go signal for my return and i emailed the hr with my formal application on monday, but until now not even a peep from those peeps.

sheesh. gusto ko nang umuwe!!! i can't stand it here any longer. although i told them i might get back either second week of november or first week of december at the latest, i was hoping that everything would be tidied up by now and all i'll have to do is buy that one-way ticket back to pinas.

hay naku. i'm so bored na. i can't imagine doing four more issues for my current employer. nyeta niya. since monday, ive been doing nothing but surfing online. i was supposed to attend something this morning but i decided to wake up late and instead go to the mall to look for shoes.

i so wanna go back na to manila.

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