Sunday, March 14, 2010

a fling's question

it was one in the morning and i was picking up the bottles from our inuman when he had to ask this question: "are you two close?"

my guest was asking bout an old friend who was then outside their house at that ungodly hour, cleaning his car.

guest: "is he...?"

me: "what?"

guest: "you know..."

me: "nuh-uh...he's straight."

"funny," my guest said as he looked outside for the longest time. "he gave me that look when i know how that goes...."

i couldn't say a thing for a few seconds. he sounded serious about it. it wasn't some joke coming from someone who had too much alcohol.

"oh well..." he said as he turned to face me again while his right hand wandered to his crotch, pulled down his fly, and....

later that morning after my guest had gone, and my mind became clearer as the last traces of alcohol were flushed away, his words began to sink in.

and then they kept on ringing in my ear: "he gave me that look when i know how that goes...."

i could feel my chest tightening. tears suddenly started welling up my eyes. i wanted to throw up.


victor gregor said...

And have you figured out the mystery yet?

(bloghopped from Darc's page)

karla said...

(i wrote down my answer but i couldn't stop writing so i decided to instead turn it into a blogpost). thanks for visiting. =)