Saturday, February 6, 2010


i found myself walking along baywalk the other day just before sundown. i was there to catch the sunset but i got disappointed because there were no clouds.

clouds give out a more dramatic effect to sunsets. instead of just having a glowing red orb slowly disappearing into the sea, clouds can add drama by hiding the sun and slowly letting its rays come out. that i like.

but this time there were no clouds so i decided to pack up and leave for a scheduled dinner with friends. but after i put the cam inside my bag, i noticed the byutipul hues above me.

the sun had set but yep, the sky was still alight with calming colors. t'was dream time. those few precious minutes before the dark finally sets in and shrouds the last rays of the sun.

before i would usually take off immediately after sunset but this time i felt that something was in the air.. so i took out my cam and took some shots. here's one.

i don't know but there was something magical about those few minutes. it was like the air was pregnant with the so many possibilities that the night has to offer. and yet, there was also that relaxing feeling that a day had ended.

i lingered on and before i knew it I was already late for dinner. but my friends understood. the pics were worth it. =)


Eternal Wanderer... said...

ah, yes, the colors take on a majestic hue during the golden hour.

great blog name, by the way.

sempre viva la divina! ;)

karla said...

salamat sa pagbisita. i see you also like callas. =)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

like is an understatement.

i WORSHIP the ground she treaded on :D

karla said...

heheheh! ako nman gusto ko siya dahil madrama ang buhay. gay icon ba. hehehe. but i do like her singing casta diva. so much verve it's as if the words rise and then melt into sadness. toinks! =D