Sunday, November 16, 2008

so true....

"Y Tu Mamá También makes the point that there are frozen moments in time where there doesn't seem to be any limits to a person's happiness - if there is tragedy's shadow lurking somewhere, it remains, for a time, unseen. Maybe the moment is always doomed to pass, maybe nothing lasts forever, but there is much to say....about life's spontaneous gifts - who gives them, and who takes them away."---a film critic.

"and they never see each other again...."

i will always be thankful juan...sometimes the universe does answer back your just have to keep your eyes wide open....even when they're just fleeting...

as the critic said, these are spontaneous gifts...random acts of kindness of the great effing....pleasant surprises that i'll always treasure...and i'll always be thankful...even if we won't get to see each other again...salud! =)

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